— I’m a french photographer and video maker from Lyon in France. I’m available in France and worldwide. For your projects ideas, works propositions, specifics questions or public publications, don’t hesitate to contact me !

• Publications include : Angus & Julia Stone, L’Express Magazine, Tous les FestivalsSon LuxVald & many more.

• Commercial clients include : A Contre TempsMama Event & Festival, Sevanova Agency, Leonor Roversi, Satin Studio, Street Connexion, STS Prestation & many more.

— I’m also artist agent in French music industry since 2014. Actual roster include : Effigie, Lylie. Past roster include : Octavio Mai, Big Junior, Holy Two, Yeast and Brainbow.

╳ My CV is available by clicking just here.

© Pic by Coraly Ripert